Refreshing Times Conference 2013

Refreshing Times Conference 2013 Open from Rebecca Megyesi on Vimeo.

General Description:

RTC is an annual conference for the Daystar Television Network. It happens in the fall and has to be rebranded every time. I started working on the first conference look back in 2011 and have worked on the subsequent years since.

You can read more about my process down below or proceed to the bottom of the page to view the rest of the package.


The preproduction for RTC is always long and a pretty big deal. I was able to get away with the 2012 design fairly easy. I had a couple concepts done when I met with the creative producers and the head of the network and they were quick to agree on them.

I tried to approach this year the same way. We started talks about what we wanted back in February 2013 for the conference in October that same year. Our lead marketing designer and I teamed up and discussed a few idea of how we wanted to make this year’s look different from the years before. You can views those earlier years below.

Both the previous looks had relied heavily on this concept of pushing the viewer along and taking them on a journey. We wanted to break away from that a bit for 2013. I also wanted to dumb down the design and make it as stream line as possible since the 2012 look nearly killed me with all the hand animated lines and elements.
With that idea in mind, we separated and came up with concepts on our own before the big creative meeting.

Concept Development:

Off on my own, I came up with several designs and showed them to our lead marketing designer Jessica.

Jessica and I came up with two main concepts for the creative meeting, Circles and Rectangles, both with lots of negative space in the design. We also separated those two design ideas out into a clean and vintage version since the creative producer had mentioned the word throw back in some of our initial talks.

We went in and used some of the elements from my first round designs and tightened them up to look nice and polished.

The meeting was a great success with all the producers and they decided that they liked both designs so much that one of them would be for 2013 and the other for our 2014 conference. Not only would this save me time in the future but since the designs were so similar it would be the perfect way to start branding the conference.

Our creative producer has been trying to get a brand going for RTC for years and with these designs being so eye catching(his words), he figured this would be the best way to launch that. We would keep things on a simple white background and pop bright colors off of it.

The Rectangle look was awesome to work with and the animation ideas weren’t at all hard to think off. I knew that for this project I really wanted to make a modular package that had lots of rendered pieces that could be pieced together in any order that an editor or producer wanted.

The Rectangle look worked well for this. It was also really easy to work with for Lower Thirds and Namekeys. Since everything was rectangles, why change?


Production went by in a flash. It took me all of a week and a half to finish up the package. I stuck with the modular idea and separated out as much of the package elements as I could. We usually have five to eight speakers for this conference so the obvious choice was to give each speaker their own spot. Below is a compilation of those spots. Each speaker has their own animate on and design layout that stays within the brand.

The open, which had taken me two months on the 2012 look, didn’t even take me an hour with the 2013 look. It was fully customizable for each editor. All they had to do was pick which speaker spots they liked, place them in the order they wished and slap the front and end tags on them. Open done.

This made me extremely happy as last year I had to modify the open numerous times. This year, it was out of my hands and I didn’t have to worry about it. I had essentially taken a monstrous amount of work and compressed it down to barely anything.

The rest of the package was super simple to make after the speaker spots. I made about a dozen different looping backgrounds playing off the idea of these blocks of color. I also applied that to the transitions as well which came out to about a dozen as well.

The Lower Third, Namekey, Credits were all easy too. I stuck with the concept and it practically made itself.

Overall, production went by really quick and it worked out great for everyone involved. I’m hoping that process works again for us this year as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, you can view the rest of the package down below.

The Package:

Refreshing Times Conference 2013 Package from Rebecca Megyesi on Vimeo.

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